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Patios and Walkways designed and installed by Classic Stonescaping & Gardens

Classic Stonescaping offers the perfect solution for crafting a serene and entertaining haven within your own home. By incorporating walkways, paths, brick and stone patios, they provide you with seamless access to your outdoor surroundings. Whether you desire to wander through your property’s natural beauty or linger in a tranquil patio retreat, Classic Stonescaping can turn your aspirations into reality. They specialize in transforming both neglected landscapes and barren plots into enchanting outdoor sanctuaries. Let Classic Stonescaping guide you in uncovering the full potential of your dream patio and landscape.

  • Value

    The beauty of a walkway and a patio increases the value of your home. While you get to enjoy all the benefits of having them when you’re living in your home, it will also benefit your family when you are ready to move onto a new house. The value of the home will increase with the addition of a walkway and patio. Your potential buyers will be wowed by the beautiful aesthetics your outdoor oasis has to offer. Having a patio and a walkway installed into your home will bring it to the next level and make it that much more desirable.

  • Safety

    By installing a walkway, the saftiness of your home is improved. In many cases, there are rocks or mulch used as a path around the house. These can cause both children and adults to trip and injure themselves. When a walkway is utilized, this chance decreases greatly. The piece of mind that this option provides is reason enough alone to have a walkway installed.

  • Entertainment

    There’s nothing like relaxing in the backyard on a warm summer’s night sipping on a nice drink while watching the kids play. A patio can only enhance this experience. When paired with a comfy patio furniture set, the backyard becomes an oasis you can unwind in.