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Bringing Design and Function Together

Add stability and style with a custom Retaining Wall!

Retaining walls are integral to the overall landscape design of a property, providing both stability and visual charm. Our constructed retaining walls exemplify a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, creating a harmonious and balanced outcome.

In addition to their visual allure, retaining walls serve vital practical purposes. They effectively combat erosion, manage runoff, and establish level surfaces for patios, gardens, and even structural elements. Our expertly crafted retaining walls possess the remarkable capability to sculpt the land itself, transforming otherwise unusable slopes into inviting outdoor havens. Moreover, our versatile low seat walls can stand independently, act as soil retainers for planting beds, or facilitate seamless elevation changes. These walls have gained popularity not only encircling swimming pools and fire pits but also enhancing various outdoor environments.

  • Stacked Stone

    Stacked Stone Walls are constructed by specially trained staff without mortar between the stones. Yet they are strong, stable, lasting and uniquely beautiful. It is important to use a company such as Classic Stonescaping with years of experience building stacked stone walls. Mistakes in design or construction of retaining walls can create serious headaches (particularly water problems) for you or your neighbors.

  • Modular Block

    Units are small and modular, so walls can taper, turn, wrap, and curve. Available in many textures, shapes, and colors, these engineered systems, which can be used for walls up to 20 feet high

  • Boulder Walls

    Boulder Walls are often built from smooth, round glacial boulders, but there are many other boulder wall options to choose from. Boulder retaining wall design ideas are impressive with the raw beauty of the stones and the feeling of strength and sturdiness. They can have a different purpose – to strengthen a sloped terrain, they can be purely decorative, or used to mark the boundaries of a plot.